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Canadian Virtual University - About CVU

Quality Education online

Canadian Virtual University (CVU) is an association of public Canadian universities specializing in online and distance education, and collaborating to increase access to quality assured university education.

Our universities are all members of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) and conform to AUCC's principles of institutional quality assurance in Canadian higher education.

In addition, many of our programs are accredited in the United States.

Benefits to students

  • Mix and match courses from several universities and save administrative fees by using our Letter of Permission form.
  • Pick up a missing course and transfer it to your program at another university.
  • Get a head start on university while in high school. Many courses have no prerequisites and are available to students over the age of 16.

Benefits to universities

  • Create new online programs by using courses already developed by other partner universities.
  • Share marketing, student advising, administration services, program development, best practices.

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