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Canadian Virtual University - How to Register in Distance Courses

Getting Started with distance education

If you are already enrolled in a distance program at a CVU university and would like to register in a distance course listed on this website, use our Letter of Permission and Admission form to save time and administrative fees.

If you don't know which course to chose, contact an advisor at your home university.

If you would like to enrol in one of the programs listed on this website or if you are already enrolled in an oncampus program at another university and would like to take a distance course to transfer to your program, first apply for admission at the CVU university offering the program or course you would like to take.

The university will contact you and tell you how to register in your first course.

Before registering in a distance course to transfer to another university, please get a letter of permission from your home university to be sure the credits will be transferred to your program.

If you are still in high school, find out how to get a head start on your university education.

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