International Students


Take One Course or a Whole Degree Online before Coming to Canada

If you plan to study in Canada in the future, you can complete online courses now and later transfer the credits to a degree program at universities across Canada.

Or you can complete a whole degree without ever coming to Canada.

Here are just a few examples of successful international students studying online with Canadian universities:

1. While working full time at a bank and as a mother of a young child, Emma Charles from Saint Lucia completed the online Certificate in Counselling Women.

2. Abraham Nhial Wei from South Sudan lives in a hut with no running water. But there is a modem, which allows him to work toward a Bachelor of Professional Arts in Communication Studies.

3. Raymond Louis from Haiti overcame challenges to complete the Programme court d'initiation aux fondements de la gestion.

Start with One or Two Courses

Most courses are open to students anywhere in the world.  Before you register for a course, please make sure that you have the reading and writing skills necessary to be successful in university studies in English.

Participating Universities