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Education online from Canada's leading universities
Canadian Virtual University - 100s of Degrees Online from Accredited Canadian Universities

hundreds of online and distance degrees from accredited Canadian universities

Canadian Virtual University (CVU) is an association of Canada's leading universities specializing in online and distance education.

Our goal is to help students in Canada and around the world quickly find quality-assured online education.

Whether it's for one course or a whole degree, start your search here for recognized Canadian online education.

missing A course?

Search our list of over 2,000 online courses to find one that meets your needs and transfer credits to your university.

coming to canada?

Start courses online before coming to Canada.

Then complete your degree at a Canadian campus or finish it completely from home.

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not finished high school?

Many courses are open to anyone 16 years of age or older.

This means you can start university even if you have not completed high school.

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recognized worldwide

Our online and distance degrees are offered by accredited Canadian universities, recognized by employers and universities worldwide.

100,000 students

Over 100,000 students are taking our courses right now.

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