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Accounting Administration Agriculture
Anatomy Anthropology Archaeology
Architecture Art Astronomy
Biology Business Canadian Studies
Chemistry Classics Commerce
Communication Community Studies Computing
Conflict Management Counselling Criminology
Economics Education Engineering
English English as a Second Language Entrepreneurship
Environment Ethics Finance
Folklore Forensics Forestry
Gender Geography Geology
Gerontology Global Studies Health
Heritage Management History Horticulture
Human Resources Human Services Humanities
Industrial Relations Information Systems Information Technology
Instructional Design Kinesiology Knowledge Management
Labour Studies Landscaping Languages
Law Leadership Legal Studies
Library Studies Linguistics Management
Manufacturing Maritime Studies Marketing
Mathematics Media Studies Military Studies
Music Native Studies Nursing
Nutrition Organizational Behaviour Philosophy
Physics Political Economy Political Science
Professional Development Project Management Psychology
Public Relations Religion Research
Science Social Science Social Work
Sociology Sport Statistics
Taxation Technology Tourism
Training Women's Studies Writing

RLST 2345 Bioethics: Human Life Issues (Cnd)   Laurentian
RELI 2732 Death and Afterlife    Carleton
RLST 2136 Development of Christian Thought I (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 2137 Development of Christian Thought II (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 2115 Development of Western Morality (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2305 Dieu et la pense moderne (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 2326 Dimensions of the Paranormal (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 2445 Dynamics of Interpersonal Communication (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 3327 Ethical Issues for the Elderly (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLGN 1420 Ethics in World Religions    Manitoba
REL 7310 thique et culture religieuse : les fondements du programme    TLUQ
RLST 2105 Event and Meaning in the Bible: Foundations of the Judaeo-Christian Tradition (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 3145 Foundations of Christian Faith (Cnd)   Laurentian
WGST 333 Goddess Mythology, Women's Spirituality and Ecofeminism    Athabasca
RLST 1116 Ideas of Love I (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 1117 Ideas of Love II (Cnd)   Laurentian
RELS 2013 Introduction to Christianity      Memorial
RELS 2811 Introduction to Contemporary Religious Movements      Memorial
RELS 218 Introduction to Religion and Popular Culture    Athabasca
RELS 2610 Introduction to Religious Ethics      Memorial
RELS 2050 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament      Memorial
RELS 380 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament    Athabasca
RLGN 2160 Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures    Manitoba
RLGN 2170 Introduction to the New Testament    Manitoba
RELS 204 Introduction to World Religions    Athabasca
RLGN 1320 Introduction to World Religions    Manitoba
RLST 3306 Issues in Religion and Science (Cnd)   Laurentian
RELS 3200 Jesus: His Life and Teaching      Memorial
RLST 3235 Judaism (Cnd)   Laurentian
RELI 1710 Judaism, Christianity and Islam    Carleton
SREL 2256 L'islm et sa civilisation (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2345 La biothique : les nouveaux pouvoirs sur la vie (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2366 La littrature et le spirituel : 19e sicle (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2186 La personne de Jsus I (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2187 La personne de Jsus II (Cnd)   Laurentian
CG 534 La religion et la guerre moderne    Royal Military
SREL 1005 La religion et ses sources (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 3306 La religion traditionnelle : concepts, littrature et reprsentation du bien et du mal (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 3307 La religion traditionnelle: dvotions, lieux et objets de culte (Cnd)   Laurentian
REL 7312 Le christianisme et le patrimoine religieux qubcois    TLUQ
SREL 2126 Le pays et le peuple de la Bible (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 3145 Les fondements de la foi chrtienne (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2205 Les grandes religions du monde (Cnd)   Laurentian
REL 7316 Les grands rcits de la Bible hbraque et du Nouveau Testament    TLUQ
SREL 2225 Les nouvelles religions (Cnd)   Laurentian
REL 7314 Les spiritualits autochtones    TLUQ
SREL 2105 Lexprience religieuse dIsral (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 3166 Mark's Gospel (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 2285 North American Native People: Tradition and Culture (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2257 Panorama de la pense islamique (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 2185 Person of Jesus (Cnd)   Laurentian
PHIL 2541 Philosophy of Western Spirituality      Memorial
RLST 3126 Prophets of Israel (Cnd)   Laurentian
RELS 3640 Religion and Bioethics      Memorial
RELS 2810 Religion and Modern Culture      Memorial
WS 534 Religion and Modern War    Royal Military
RLST 3215 Religion and the Arts (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 3326 Religion and the Elderly (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 3366 Religion and the Future of Humanity (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLGN 1450 Religion and the Media    Manitoba
RLST 3316 Religion and the State in Canada (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 3366 Religion et avenir de l'humanit (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2356 Religion et identit contemporaine (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2376 Religion et pouvoir (Cnd)   Laurentian
SREL 2325 Religion et valeurs (Cnd)   Laurentian
RLST 1105 Religion for a New Generation (Cnd)   Laurentian
RELS 3900 Religion in Newfoundland and Labrador: Beginnings      Memorial
RELS 3901 Religion in Newfoundland and Labrador: The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries      Memorial
ANTH 2350 Religious Institutions      Memorial
RELS 2350 Religious Institutions      Memorial
RELS 206 The Islamic Tradition    Athabasca
RELS 3060 The Prophets of Israel      Memorial
RELS 2800 Women in Western Religions      Memorial
RLST 2395 Women, Religion and Spirituality (Cnd)   Laurentian
RCLP 1011 World Views, Religions and Cultures    N. Brunswick
RLST 2205 World's Living Religions (Cnd)   Laurentian
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