Transfer Credit

If you are enrolled in a distance program at a CVU-UVC university

If you are enrolled in a program listed on this website, you may take courses at other CVU-UVC universities and transfer the credits to your program, as long as the courses meet your program requirements.

To ensure the course you wish to take meets your program requirements, complete our free Letter of Permission form.

Letter of Permission and Visiting Student Admission fees are waived if you are enrolled in a distance program listed on this website. You must use this Letter of Permission and Admission form, in order to have these fees waived.

You will receive your student number from the host university within several working days. Your home university will send you the Letter of Permission results. Then register in and pay for your course following normal procedures at the university offering the course you wish to take.

If you are enrolled at another university

If you are enrolled at a university that is not a member of CVU-UVC and wish to take a distance course for transfer to your degree, first contact your home university and complete their letter of permission form.

Once you have received permission from your home institution, go to the online admission form at the CVU university you wish to attend.

You will receive a student number and then may register for the distance course.

You must pay regular admission fees and letter of permission fees.

If you wish to transfer credits from another university or college to a distance degree listed on this website

If you have credits from a university or college anywhere in the world and wish to transfer these to a distance degree listed on this website, please apply for admission to the CVU-UVC member university offering the degree. With the support of their program advisor, you will learn how many credits you can transfer into their program. You can obtain more information on transfer credit at these CVU-UVC member universities:

If you have extensive training and experience in the workplace, you may also be eligible to receive university credits. Please see Credit for Workplace Training and Experience.

Participating Universities