CVU-UVC Letter of Permission Form

Who Should Use this Form

If you are already enrolled in a distance program listed on this website, you can save time and money by using this Letter of Permission form to take courses from other CVU-UVC universities.

You may only use this form, if you are:

  1. already enrolled in a distance program listed on this website
  2. sure that you wish to register for a course listed on this website

If you are not enrolled in one of the programs listed on this website or if you wish to transfer credits from a non-CVU-UVC university to a CVU-UVC university, first apply for Admission to the university you would like to attend.

Please read the following definitions carefully:

Home university-where you are enrolled as a student

Host university-a CVU-UVC university where you would like to take one or more courses and have them transferred to your home university.

Important Notes

  • Before submitting the Letter of Permission/Admission Form, please check that the course you would like to take meets the requirements of the program in which you are now enrolled. If you are unsure, please check with a student advisor at your home university.
  • If a Letter of Permission is granted from your home university, it will be sent directly to the host university. You will not be charged the usual fee for this service.
  • The host university will let you know that you have been admitted. You will not have to pay the usual admission fee.
  • Contact the host university to register for the course you wish to take and pay all registration fees. The CVU-UVC Letter of Permission/Admission form is not a course registration form.
  • If you have questions about your Letter of Permission, please contact your home university.
  • If you have questions about your Admission, course registration, or course fees, please contact the host university.
  • The regulations at your home institution govern acceptance of all transfer credits.
  • This form will not be accepted if you are enrolled in a program not listed on this website.

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After the student submits the CVU-UVC LOP/Visiting Student Admission Form

  • The form goes to the CVU-UVC liaison at the student's home university.
  • The home university registrar's office determines if the course will fit the student's program, and other conditions that must be met for transfer of the course into program (e.g. minimum grade).  If the LOP is approved, the student and the registrar's office at the host university are notified.  The student is also informed of the process by which the transcript for the complete course is to be sent to the home university.

The Visiting Student Application

  • If the LOP is granted, the student receives an email from the host university to indicate they have been admitted as a Visiting Student for the course(s) listed on the LOP.
  • There is no fee for the LOP or for Visiting Student admission to host university.
  • The LOP is not a course registration form, only a request to take a course at a a university other than the student's home institution.
  • Once admitted as a Visiting Student, the student must register for the course at the host university, and to pay course registration/tuition fee.  Only when these steps are completed is the student registered in the course.

After the Student is Admitted as a Visiting Student

  • The student receives email notification of VS admission.
  • The student is to contact the host university to register for the course, and to pay for the course registration/tuition fees.
  • For questions related to the admission, course registration,or tuition, the student is to contact the host university.
  • The regulations of the student's home university govern the acceptance of all transfer credits. 

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