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Canadian Virtual University - How to Become a Teacher

bEcoming a teacher in canada

To be a teacher in Canada you require a bachelor's degree in education (B.Ed.) and a provincial teacher's certificate (professional license to teach).

Currently, Canadian Virtual University (CVU) does not offer an English language B.Ed. completely at a distance, but we can help you meet the admission requirements for on-campus B.Ed. programs across Canada.

A bachelor of education in French is offered completely through distance education for those intending to teach French immersion or in French schools.

start your b.ed. through Distance Education

One way to use distance education to help you become a teacher is to complete up to two full years of courses through distance education and then transfer the credits to an oncampus B.Ed. program.

Your second option is to complete a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree through distance education, and then take a two-year post-baccalaureate (or after-degree) program oncampus.

Requirements for teaching at the elementary level are different from teaching at the secondary level. In an elementary school, you may be asked to teach anything so it is advisable to have a well-rounded background in teachable subjects like mathematics, science, geography, history, French and English.

If you plan to teach junior or senior high (secondary school), it is generally suggested you complete a major in one teachable subject and a minor in another teachable subject

Here are some teachable subjects you can take through distance education:

Always check admission requirements of the B.Ed. or after-degree program you plan to take to ensure proper selection of distance courses.

Professional Licensure as a Teacher


The profession of teaching is regulated in all provinces in Canada.

To teach in a public school in Canada, you must meet the standards set by the provincial regulatory body.

Before selecting a B.Ed. program, verify that the program is accepted by the regulatory body for the province where you plan to work. See provincial regulatory bodies.

Foreign Credentials

If you completed post-secondary education at a recognized university outside Canada, you may be able to transfer credits toward a distance degree.

Please see Credit for International Education.

If you have a B.Ed. from another country, you may not be required to take additional courses.

Instead, you may be eligible for direct licensure. For more information, contact the regulatory body in the province where you will seek employment.

Summary of Steps for Becoming a Teacher Using Distance Education


  1. Decide what grade level and subject you would like to teach. You need to choose between elementary and secondary (junior high or high school) because it affects the distance courses or first undergraduate degree you select. 
  2. Read about the on-campus education program you plan to attend in the future to learn about entrance requirements and the kinds of courses you can transfer in:
  3. Enrol in a distance degree program or register in individual distance courses listed on our website by contacting the university offering the degree or courses you wish to take.
  4. If you are unsure about which courses to select, contact a distance education advisor at one of our partner universities.